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  • Mobile Advertising
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Display advertising serves to increase brand awareness and increases traffic results in sales. The most typical way of online promotion is display advertising, it provides different variety of shapes, sizes and formats as per the banner location and the device adaptability. The most common formats of display ads are listed.

  • Banners - The frequently used ad format of display advertising is banner ads, which always attracts and retain the user’s attention; the varied sizes of banners crop the sections in website to give complete use of the available space.
  • Overlays - We frequently see these overlays on the middle of screen as a pop up and grab the user view.
  • Rich Media - The animated banner ads which is non static, gives the trend setting promotion even by interacting with users.

Reach your audience and remain front of their mind wherever they are Recent survey reports the mobile devices are more than the world total population, the digital era makes us to reach look and corner of world with light speed rate, this handy electronic device gives the best advertising platform to reach the audience rapidly. The commonly used formats of mobile brand promotion are listed

  • Mobile banner ads - similar to display ads but size and shapes are little constrain.
  • Mobile video ads - Optimized video formats.
  • In-app ads - trending apps pave the better advertising platform.
  • Interstitial ads - Cover the entire screen which enforce user to open or close.

Streamline your advertising with video ads to engage user mind for a while The lavish form of advertising meant to be video ads and it delivers the exact content to the fullest understanding of user, the major advantage of brand promotion in videos are from ad recall rates which gives the complete analytics of the user interest. Campaigns are run in the formats of linear and non linear streams. Different formatted videos are streamlining with the following list as

  • In-stream video ads - similar to display ads but size and shapes are little constrain.
  • Linear video ads - Optimized video formats.
  • Nonlinear video ads - trending apps pave the better advertising platform.
  • In-banner video ads - Cover the entire screen which enforce user to open or close.

Media associate with publishers to reckon additional revenue to publishers, we target the highest views and standard audience resource publishers to generate income with the volume of their visibility in online.

  • Self-contained, state-of-the-art time clock
  • Scalability of up to 500 employees per time clock
  • The ability to connect up to 32 time clocks
  • Employee self-enrollment

Linoor all core features .

Instream advertising
The ad is shown in connection with video content as pre-roll or post-roll.
Outstream advertising
The ad appears in the middle of an article either in horizontal or vertical mode.
In-banner video advertising
In-banner video ads can be shown in any normal ad space, for example, as a parade.
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